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Festival of Ideas 2015

Missed an event at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2015? We have a selection of audio recordings available here.

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A selection of articles and features from the Festival coming soon.

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Curtains drawn on Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2015

3 November 2015

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas drew to a close on Sunday, following two intellectually exhilarating weeks packed with 250 events, covering everything from censorship and freedom of speech to privacy in the digital age and the nature of democracy. This year, the Festival welcomed 23,000 and counting, and had a more...

Festival of Ideas culminates with another packed weekend

28 October 2015

How has prejudice towards gay men evolved? What forms does Islamophobia take in Britain today? How much power do the media have in the science-religion debate? These questions and more will be explored during the final packed weekend of the 2015 Cambridge Festival of Ideas, which will see over 60 events across the weekend...

Debate on war, censorship and propaganda at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

27 October 2015

Does censorship during wartime work and has it changed over time? What are the issues for broadcasters in a world of 24/7 news and social media? Can national media be truly independent at a time of war? A debate at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas on war, censorship and propaganda on Thursday seeks to answer all these...

Festival information

Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2016

17 - 30 October 2016

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