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WOW - Women of the World Cambridge

Event: 137 WOW - Women of the World is a festival of talks, debates, music, film, comedy, performance and conversation that celebrates the talents of women and girls from all walks of life and all parts of the world. WOW asks what obstacles exist that prevent women from realising their potential...

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Events on language, linguistics and identity

This year's festival has a bumper selection of events dealing with language and linguistics, especially on the Festival Saturday. Here are just a few highlights of what's on offer. How language shapes our identity Saturday 25 October: 2:30pm - 3:30pm LG17, Faculty of Law, Sidgwick Site, CB3 9DZ The way we speak and write...

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Environment and conservation events at the Festival of Ideas

Are you interested in climate change, conservation and the environment? We have a wide selection of events for you at this year's Festival. Consumers or citizens? How do we make choices and why does it matter? Wednesday 22 October: 7:30pm - 9:30pm Friends Meeting House, Aldren Wright Room, 12 Jesus Lane, CB5 8BA Many of us...

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Event: 165

Fuel presents Fiction Conceived by David Rosenberg and Glen Neath

You are invited to a lecture. You know that the subject is probably important and it would be useful to hear what the speaker has to say but you can’t keep your eyes open. You will fall...

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Latest news

Jim Al-Khalili – The Edge of Life

31 October 2014

The further you go in science, the more it breaks down into sub-disciplines, the more specialised you get and the more isolated you become from other areas of scientific discovery. Yet, some of the biggest discoveries and most exciting advances come from the edges, places where sub-disciplines overlap. That is the...

The European cost of culture and stability—an open debate

30 October 2014

Do we want to get out of the EU before understanding what we get out of it? Euroscepticism is on the rise and will be tackled head-on this Friday night at a prestigious event in Cambridge. Experts from Switzerland, Cyprus, Belgium and the UK will challenge views of what cost means in terms of national control and...

Looking at artificial others: mannequins with x-ray vision

24 October 2014

The scans of the two historic mannequins were taken at Addenbrooke's Hospital, part of Cambridge University Hospitals, to discover their internal workings without damaging them. At the same time, radiologists and engineers were able to use the data from the non-human bodies to test not yet clinically approved software on...

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Cambridge Festival of ideas
20 October - 2 November

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22 September

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Event: 235

Each year the Cambridge Young Composer of the Year competition provides a platform for exciting new compositions by young people, 17 years and under, in Cambridgeshire. Selections from this year's entries will be played at this event by the Dr K Sextet - a...

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