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Speaker spotlight: Ian Dunt

Ian Dunt is political editor of the Erotic Review, editor of and a political analyst for Yahoo UK. He specialises in issues around immigration, civil liberties, democracy, free speech and social justice and appears regularly on the BBC, Sky and Al-Jazeera as well as a variety of radio stations. He also...

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Festival of Ideas 2015 audio programme

The complete audio programme for the 2015 Cambridge Festival of Ideas is available below. Please contact us if you would like all or part of the printed programme in an alternative format.

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Latest news

Powerful artworks to spark debate

6 October 2015

A series of innovative and experimental artworks, ranging from installation art and photography to film and visual art, will spark debate at this year’s Cambridge Festival of Ideas, which runs from 19 October until 1 November. Artist Mark Farid, whose previous work has caused controversy, will feature an exciting...

Local events focus on Cambridge's past, present and future

5 October 2015

Cambridge-focused events at the heart of the Festival of Ideas programme How did the Town Gown divide play out in Cambridge’s streets, prisons and courts, how can artists create a sense of place in North West Cambridge, and will the latest technology allow people to explore the city’s past and present in new ways? These...

Education debates at this year's Cambridge Festival of Ideas

1 October 2015

Faith in schools, open access and language teaching through football to be debated at the Festival Does religious education have any relevance or value in British schools today? Is football a good vehicle for teaching languages? Can society afford open access to research? These current issues in education form part of this...

Festival information

19 October - 1 November 2015

Bookings now open!



Download a printable copy of the programme here.

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