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Friday 28 October: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Faculty of English, Judith E Wilson Drama Studio, 9 West Road, CB3 9DP

Pecha Kucha is a fast-paced series of short-form presentations (20 slides x 20 seconds each = 6min40s). The event will bring together up to eight artists and researchers who are working with the notion of the posthuman. The idea is to have a very diverse selection of participants, from robotics researchers (Agnes) to video/performance artists (David/Larry). As such the resulting event should be fun, informative and eclectic array of posthuman ideas (in 7 minutes there is no time to get bored), hopping from research presentation to performance art to essayistic explorations in quick succession. After 8-10 of such individual presentations, it will end on a roundtable conversation between the participants, chaired by Gary Zhexi Zhang.

The event is a collaboration between contemporary artists and cutting edge researchers working at the intersection of cultural, scientific and political developments of the posthuman.

The artists David Blandy and Larry Achiampong, each well established in their own right, recently joined forces for their project ‘Finding Fanon’, an investigation into how identities are continually shaped by colonial histories and mass-media art forms, such as television, video-games, music and the internet. Their works and performances have been shown in the UK and internationally, including Tate Britain and Logan Center,Chicago.Kris Beaghton is a researcher, artist and filmmaker currently undertaking a PhD in Screen Media and Cultures at Cambridge. She has a background in Virtual Reality storytelling.

Agnes Cameron is an information engineer whose research is helping an already intelligent mother robot make increasingly intelligent baby robots. She has also worked for a startup making Augmented Reality nail art.

Gary Zhexi Zhang is a video artist and a staff contributor for Frieze magazine. Recent exhibitions include Tenderflix shortlist at ICA, London, and EMBASSY gallery,

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