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extra tickets released - REWRITING HISTORY

6:00pm-7:30pm on Tuesday 17 October
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3:30pm-5:00pm on Saturday 21 October
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Speaker Spotlight: Lucy Popescu

Lucy Popescu , editor of A Country of Refuge, an Anthology of Writing on Asylum Seekers , speaks about related experiences in a panel discussion, Refugees: truths and innocent lies , with writers Noo Saro-Wiwa and Hassan Abdulrazzak, and Tim Finch, former director of communications for the Refugee Council.

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Speaker Spotlight: Professor Frank Furedi

Frank Furedi, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, is speaking in the discussion Is relativism to blame for our post-truth world ? alongside fellow panellists Professor Simon Goldhill, Caroline Edwards and Priyamvada Gopal . The event is chaired by Professor Simon Blackburn.

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Speaker Spotlight: Nafisa Waziri

Nafisa Waziri is President of The Black Cantabs Research Society talks about how the society was founded and what it aims to do. From 16-23 October, The Balck Cantabs Research Society is holding an exhibition at St John’s Chapel.

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A selection of articles and features from the Festival, including speaker spotlights.

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Latest news

Mythical beasts and supernatural beings go on display at St John’s

18 October 2017

A witchcraft treatise published in the initial stages of the European Witch Craze; sworn testimony as to the real existence of sea serpents; and Elizabethan woodcut illustrations showing werewolves and unicorns as part of the natural world: With Halloween around the corner, St John’s is putting the mythical beasts and...

Separating truth from fiction: Cambridge Festival of Ideas explores the rise of fake news

13 October 2017

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas launches today with a focus on truth, post-truth and the everything in between. Fake news has emerged as one of the buzzwords of our age. What is behind its rise? How has social media helped to spread it and have we been here before? Several events at this year's Cambridge Festival of Ideas...

The secret language of anatomy

13 October 2017

Where is the seahorse in our brain? Why is there a Turkish saddle in our head? Why are our heart chambers named after Roman halls? A new book by Cambridge anatomists provides an illustrated guide to the mysterious vocabulary of the human body - the terms used to teach trainee surgeons and doctors about how we work. The...

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The Cambridge Festival of Ideas will take place 16-29 October 2017

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