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Saturday 26 October: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Anglia Ruskin University, Lord Ashcroft Building - LAB222, East Road, CB1 1PT

What does a year's worth of news look like? What information are we being drip-fed hour-by-hour and what sort of picture does it paint of life today? Every day during 2018 artist Robert Good collected the headlines offered to him by the Google News feed and compiled them into BREAKING - a mesmerising mix of sport, fashion, gossip and gloom.

In this entertaining and informative talk, Robert discusses the results of his project and the conclusions he draws from the process of collecting and collating over 13,000 headlines - reportage, pseudo-data, opinion and gossip - into book and exhibition format. He reflects on the state of the news industry as it grapples with fake news and clickbait and attempts to migrate from print to digital format.

The event includes a reading from BREAKING and a chance to discuss how the changing nature of news is impacting our lives, when it sometimes feels like we are being bounced around like a pinball, ricocheting from one attention-seeking headline to another.

Robert Good is an artist based in Cambridge. He is interested in the frailties of language and the problems of knowledge. He is editor of 'A New Dictionary of Art' and founder of Art Language Location (ALL).

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