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Wednesday 23 October: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Cambridge Judge Business School, Fadi Boustany Theatre, Trumpington Street, CB2 1AG

As the online world becomes smaller so do the digital safe spaces for women who face abuse and threats of violence from trolls and bullies hidden behind a monitor. Digital violence can happen as a form of revenge porn for women by a partner or ex-partner; women who are dealing with domestic abuse in the home find it continues online; racist abuse is hurled at MPs, and academics have had their lives threatened for expressing an opinion.

Dr Lilia Giugni is a scholar and activist who uses her academic research to affect change and policy. Through her roles as a Research Associate with the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, and a co-founder and the CEO of the think tank consultancy, GenPol, Lilia is an advocate for the mainstreaming of gender equality concerns, the prevention of gender-based violence, and the strategies of Southern Italian anti-mafia activists.

Lilia will be talking about the current issues women are facing and the socially innovative solutions that are being devised to deal with the ‘wicked problem’ of the hate and vitriol being flung about social media platforms by faceless beings.

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