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Saturday 19 October: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Faculty of Divinity, Runcie Room, Sidgwick Site West Road, CB3 9BS

Challenged by Scientific Positivism and the consequent drive to ‘discover’, ‘rationalise’, and ‘verify’ the world around us, a number of religious communities have recently placed an increasing emphasis on certainty. At the same time, many religious beliefs defy the very category of certainty, since they cannot be rigorously measured and/or verified using the scientific methods of positivism and rational empiricism. One could say that to have ‘faith’ is to hold onto a belief in the midst of uncertainty. Uncertainty, in turn, can be understood to have any number of doubts—varying in degree and in type. So what, then, do we make of doubt in a religious/spiritual context? What happens when one’s worldview undergoes substantial changes as a result of various doubts? Is doubt something that is welcome? Inevitable? Helpful? Desirable? What does it look like to have faith in the midst of doubt?

We will explore these questions in an interactive discussion—we’ll begin with an introductory lecture and then proceed into guided discussion in small groups. Barnabas Aspray and Nadya Pohran are final-year PhD students in the Faculty of Divinity. They will draw from their own experiences with religious and/or spiritual concepts and communities (Barnabas with evangelical Christianity and, more recently, Roman Catholicism; Nadya with evangelical Christianity and, more recently, strands of Hinduism and Buddhism). Come ready with your questions, opinions, beliefs, and doubts!

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