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Wednesday 16 October: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Jesus College, Frankopan Hall, Jesus Lane , CB5 8BJ

What is 'appropriate' shelter for refugees? What ultimately is shelter?

One of the most vital concerns for migrants when they first leave their homes is where to find a safe and stable space. Tents and camps dominate media images of forced displacement, but forced migrants find shelter in many other ways; abandoned buildings, staying on the floors of friends and relatives, self-built shelters, sleeping in the natural environment, and being housed in specially created spaces, prefabricated shelters, or government-run detention centres.

Through an exclusive preview of the documentary 'Shelter Without Shelter' this interdisciplinary panel will discuss some of the latest research and issues in refugee shelter to create a more nuanced and detailed understanding of refugee sheltering, helping us understand the impact of shelter policies on the lives on refugees. The panel will explore the roles of architecture, engineering, anthropology and more to not only improve refugee shelter, but question the very nature of shelter itself.

Our Panel:
Dr Mark E Breeze - Director of Studies in Architecture, St. John's College, Cambridge
Dr Tom Scott-Smith - Assoc Professor of Forced Migration, Oxford University Refugee Studies Centre
Dr. Georgia Cole - Margaret Anstee Centre for Global Studies, Newnham College
Jenny George - Doctoral Researcher, Dept of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Dunya Habash - Research Officer, The Woolf Institute, Cambridge

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Age: 11+, Talk, Film, Arrive on time, Free