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Tuesday 15 October: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

The Jubilee Centre, The Jubilee Lounge, St. Andrews House, 59 St Andrews Street, CB2 3BZ

Mahatma Gandhi from India, Martin Luther King Jr from the USA and Nelson Mandela from South Africa were leaders of people movements that achieved incredible breakthroughs in political change that brought freedom and justice for the peoples of their nations. They were men of an ordinary background who changed the world in their life-time for the better. They fought against colonialism and racism driven by their idealism of universal values. Can these values be achieved beyond the nation at the global level?
This talk offers a comparative perspective of the three great 20th century change-makers, looking at similarities and differences, and lessons on social change for the 21st century. Join Philip Powell at the Jubilee Lounge

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