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Saturday 19 October: 4:30pm - 6:00pm

Faculty of Divinity, Runcie Room, Sidgwick Site, West Road, CB3 9BS

Can we hope to find the mind of God in the mind of a machine? What does theology have to say about logic, mechanics, and computing? And how may a plurality of religious perspectives reflect or affect interpretations of artificial intelligence? Join a panel of experts for a discussion about how our fears and hopes have and should be shaped by a plurality of both religious and non-religious perspectives surrounding the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence raises profound questions concerning the nature of minds and machines; their ultimate origin, their everlasting value, and their final destiny. Within debates about AI, we may witness a new convergence of religious and secular discourse. Religious communities around the world have increasingly begun to ask how artificial intelligence may come to reflect and affect theological doctrines. Yet such conversations concerning computing and artificial intelligence have typically assumed a secular standpoint that tacitly excludes and implicitly evacuates the importance of religious perspectives. Wine reception to follow.

Panel: Dr. Beth Singler, Ryan Haecker, Victor Parchment, Jagdev Bhogal and Yaqub Chaudhary

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