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Monday 15 October: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Addenbrooke's Board Room, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Hills Road, CB2 0QQ

Visit the exhibition and hear the artist in conversation about the work. Richard says, "I want to look at the hospital as-is. Not what it aspires to be, nor what the media sometimes portrays it to be. I want to be objective in helping people understand the hospital in greater depth in terms of how it works and who works in it. With extra knowledge comes the increased ability/impetus to hold conversations, which in turn can help to create informed opinion as to where the NHS should or could go in the next 70 years of its life."

2018 is the 70th anniversary of the NHS - and at no time in its history has it been under such pressure. Recent figures suggest 85% of people think the NHS is in crisis and 60% would be prepared to pay more in taxes to support the service. However, public understanding of how the health service works is limited, the NHS is complicated and there is more to it than doctors and nurses.

Over the past year, architectural photographer Richard Fraser has set out to look under the skin of the NHS at his local hospital Addenbrooke's, seeking out hidden corners and unseen aspects of care. Looking at what makes the hospital work, and keep working when experiencing unprecedented pressure.

This exhibition explores the places and spaces of the hospital as an 'abstract'; devoid of the people that serve it, the photographs are nevertheless filled with hints and scraps of evidence of what people are trying to achieve through 24 hour healthcare delivery, whatever that may hold - joy, pain, loss. At all times, the project aims to highlight how NHS staff try to help these people and their loved ones along their path through life; always there, regardless of wealth or social background.

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