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Limited tickets may be available on the door - CAN WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT HISTORY?

Wednesday 18 October: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Faculty of History, Room 6, West Road, CB3 9EF

This workshop with Nailya Shamgunova (Chair), Patrick McGhee, Rodrigo I Garcia-Velasco Bernal, Dr Helen Roche, Chelsea Michta, Matthias Meng Yan Wong and Louise Moschetta explores the sources and methods historians use to unveil what happened in the past, how and why. The workshop starts with a series of short thematic presentations, which link the speakers’ subject specialisms - Jewish and Muslim relations in the middle ages, political polemics during the Civil Wars in Britain, material culture of native indentured labourers in 19th century South America, Nazi Germany and the memory of the Warsaw Uprising in post-communist Poland - with various questions about the use of sources, from linguistic issues and uncovering authors’ biases to the use of oral, visual and material sources alongside written texts. The presentations are followed by a Q&A, which, in its turn, is followed by a practical part of the workshop - the attendants will be divided into groups, to be guided by our speaker-mentors, and given a selection of three short sources about something that happened in the past. The task then is to answer the question: ‘Can we know the truth about what happened?’. The event is designed for an adult non-specialist audience and is expected to last 90 minutes.

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