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Saturday 19 October: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Alison Richard Building, S1, Sidgwick Site 7 West Road, CB3 9DT

Recently, a new wave of radical technological innovations is emerging. Many have referred to it as a new Industrial Revolution. While disagreements exist as to what extent it is indeed a Revolution, & to what number it would be, there is a general consensus that this new wave of technological innovations will have relevant & even disruptive effects on industry and society. The idea that has gained most attention by the media, policy makers & international organizations is that we are witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) (Schwab, 2016).

In any case, even the defenders of the idea that we are living a Revolution acknowledge that it is one that draws directly on the previous one, namely the development of digital & information technologies in the 1950s-1970s. In that case, although naming it 4IR, we understand that in many senses it is a deepening of the Third Industrial Revolution (3IR).

This workshop will discuss the main drivers & impacts of the 4IR, & possible strategies to managing & deploy it. There will be an initial presentation, where an overview of these issues will be discussed. Next, attendees will be divided into groups to discuss the possible impacts of an individual technology of their choice & briefly present the main impressions to the general audience.

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