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Friday 19 October: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Waterstones, 22 Sidney Street , CB2 3HG

Fragments of lives made up of memory and interactions, are mosaicked together like the bowl of a swimming pool. A kaleidoscope of light and shadow bounces from the water's surface, as the performers share the extremes of their disparate stories through multi-disciplinary theatre.

This is an integrated event to consider the concept of ‘extremeness in the making’, including a performance; a roundtable Q&A for academics, artists, and audience to discuss process as an exploration of the performativity of devising; a practical workshop delivered by Swimming Horses, who will contribute insights into the devising process based on their 'mosaicked' creative practice.

Swimming Horses are a cross-arts performance company, a collective of ten female artists based in East Anglia. They are inspired to create work by their everyday environments, sometimes tackling taboo issues such as periods and the menopause, sometimes reflecting on the beauty of the moment, or the complexities of morse code. As individual choreographers, dramaturgs, directors, producers, writers, spoken word artists, performance poets, actors, and dancers, this is an ensemble without rules and their game is strong #squadgoals.

This event is a collaboration between Swimming Horses and the Cambridge Interdisciplinary Performance Network (CIPN). CIPN is a graduate-led research group at CRASSH that organizes seminars, talks and participatory events in order to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds in Cambridge and beyond to explore the idea of performance and its potential to engender dialogue across conventionally separated cultural categories, practices and disciplines.

Supported by Waterstones.

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Age: 12+, Performance, Arrive on time, £5