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Saturday 19 October: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Robinson College, Chapel, Grange Road, CB3 9AN

We reach. We bend. We turn. We kneel.

We all have different ways of looking, searching and asking for meaning in our lives.

How do we find a way to communicate our journey of exploration? What can express the resonances within ourselves? Why is it essential to our human experience to find a connection beyond us?

This is a movement choir based on Rudolf Laban’s choreographic principles, which focus on the anatomical, the spatial, the dynamic and the relational. His aspiration of initiating a culture of dance formed his influential ideas in movement analysis, dance performance, education and community since mid twentieth century.

Such a creative dance performance is intended as an exploration of the soul’s journey expressed through the physicality of the body. The site-specificity of the architectural features in Robinson College Chapel as a place of worship offers an additional layer of performativity, which lends itself to further creative expression in movement.

Here is a soulful experience finding embodiment in a special space.

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