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Wednesday 17 October: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

King's College , Munby, King's Parade, CB2 1ST

This event introduces a Centre of Islamic Studies research study. It explores recent concerns about there been little research and outreach carried out to understand the perspectives, needs and concerns of minority groups in the UK, particularly Muslims on issues related to healthcare. The Centre of Islamic Studies is currently undertaking research to capture the viewpoints of health professionals, patients, families, carers and traditional scholars to develop a better understanding of what the needs are in terms of End of Life decision making from a Muslim perspective.

This informal discussion provides a summary of themes that are covered by the research, including Muslim perspectives on: the value of human life; death and dying; illness and suffering; the withholding and withdrawing of medical treatment; euthanasia; the role of spiritual/religious leaders in end of life care. It is also an opportunity for the audience to discuss their views and experiences of End of Life care and to stimulate a dialogue about this research. This event welcomes the local community, professionals and any one who is interested in understanding better the challenges faced by the health service in meeting the health needs of minority groups, and to provide an opportunity for the public to become involved in this piece of research.

Tea and coffee will be served, and question time runs until 5pm for conversation with individual panel members.

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Age: 12+, Talk, Arrive on time, free